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5 Lessons in Positive Psychology

I’m excited to share with you 5 lessons in the basics of POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, a burgeoning branch of psych that focuses on fostering human flourishing and wellness.

Let’s start with an important acronym: PERMA. PERMA stands for the 5 pillars of positive psych: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments. We want to have some of each of these elements in our lives. We should also ask ourselves, “which of these elements am I missing that I’d like to add more of in my life?” To learn more about each aspect of PERMA, check out this website.

Studies show that the practice of writing down at the end of the day 3 things that went well or that we’re grateful for helps boost our well-being. An added bonus: including WHY these good things happened. So the big question is: what are 3 things that are going well for you today??

Taking care of your mental health doesn’t mean only focusing on the things that feel “wrong” with you, but also focusing on what’s “right” with you. We all have inherent strengths, and utilizing our strengths leads to a more meaningful, engaged life. Like to know what your top character strengths are?? Find out by taking the quiz here!

Gratitude is an incredibly important facet of living a happy life—not only thinking about it in your own head, but actually expressing it to others. Try this: write a gratitude letter to someone in your life who you may have never fully thanked before, like a parent, mentor, friend, partner, etc. Then if possible, read the letter to them out aloud. It just might prove to be the enhancer your relationship has been waiting for—and it’ll make both yourself and your recipient feel great!

Doing random, conscious acts of kindness, whether for strangers or for loved ones, can give your positivity level a significant booster shot. According to happiness researchers, completing 5 random, conscious acts of kindness in a day is ideal. Go ahead, pay it forward today and see for yourself how you feel!

If you enjoyed this mini lesson and want to learn more about the power of positive psych by starting your therapy journey with me, please reach out here!


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