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Carolyn Cutillo


CBT & Positive Psychology Therapist

Helping people thrive.


About Carolyn

Carolyn Cutillo, MHC-LP (she/her) is a therapist in private practice. She earned her MA in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling from New York University.

Carolyn is from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and went to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for her BFA. Previously in her career, Carolyn was an actor, performing in such far-flung places as Nebraska, Scotland, and India. She had many odd jobs during this time, including serving as the Head T.A. for "The Science of Happiness," the most popular undergraduate elective at NYU. After 8 years immersed in this positive psychology course, she found a calling in the mental health realm. She is particularly passionate about spreading well-being topics through creative forms.

Most people feel like their lives could be better. Carolyn believes that therapy can help individuals gain the tools they seek to feel that they are truly thriving in their lives as their authentic selves. Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychology interventions, and a warm, empathetic relationship, Carolyn strives to help clients meet their goals and change their lives. After all, change is always possible!

Carolyn lives in Brooklyn with her wonderful husband and their cat.

Interested in working with Carolyn?

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Looking for a primer on how to make your life noticeably happier? How Happiness Happens with Carolyn Cutillo is a show on YouTube sharing science-based positive psychology knowledge with the world--- plus a fair amount of silliness. Click on the logo below for the show's page:

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